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What’s Animal Communication?

Animal communication is used in a lot of different situations. With behavioural issues, emotional problems, physical challenges and with end of life decisions. Also with lost animals, animal communication is used to get a clearer picture on where the animal is and if the animal is still alive. In case of animals that have passed on it can bring a lot of ease.

In all of the above cases the animal communicator starts with a meditation and tunes in to the animal. It is possible to get thoughts, feelings, pictures and physical sensations from the animal that have a message for the person. Usually animal communication leads to a better understanding of your animal, to a better heart to heart connection and to a healing for the animal as well as the person involved.

Tuning in to your animal can be done longdistance (by phone), from a picture or live. Often I choose to come by because it makes it easier to elaborate on specific issues that need to be dealt with.

Examples of questions I dealt with:

      • Why is my dog scared of other dogs?
      • Why is my horse nervous in the woods?
      • What would my rabbit think of getting another rabbit?
      • Why is my cat littering outside the litterbox?

And many, many more. Think of fear of fireworks or fear for the trailer. Also not listening or agressive behavior are huge issues.

The purpose and effect of the communication is a understanding of the problem, a healthy solution for the animal as well as the person and a disappearing of the issues involved.

Often as simple as effective!