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Monike had her first healing success in 2003 when she guided a friend and her cat through a difficult period after this friend moved and started living together. The cat was traumatised and afraid that she had to leave.

By making a new heart to heart connection Monike created a new understanding between cat and friend. The cat stopped meowing at night, scratching and fighting. This inspired Monike to move onto this new path, realizing later that she had been communicating telepathically with animals all her life.

She never regretted this step. Her 15 years experience as an academic researcher helps her to ask the right questions and to find different ways into the very essence of the animal. Her strong intuition and energetic sensitivity in combination with her quiet radiance makes her a gifted animal communicator. She guides people into a better understanding of their animal, whether it is a horse, dog, cat or any other animal.

Monike (MSSc) is trained in Reiki, Theta Healing, Healing Touch for Animals and Matrix Energetics. She knows basics of Massage, Bach Remedies, Etheric Oils, Homeopathy and Herbs. She can work with behavioural issues as well as emotional, physical and multi problem issues. Monike is a warm, reliable and committed personality. She likes to work with people as well as with the animals.

Spring 2008 a wonderful event occured in America, on Whidbey Island. Three fellow students of Carol Gurney, one of the worlds leading teachers and respected pioneers in the field of animal communication, gave a two day workshop on animal communication. Jacqueline Sowell, Pattie Carney and Monike van Duren, certified Animal Communicators, gave a two day beginners and intermediate workshop.

On the first day of the workshop, participants learned how to send and receive telepathic information. On the second day, participants got into more depth, learning techniques for opening medical intuition, doing more complex problem solving, and experiencing what it is like to see through an animals eyes. We made a field trip to a goat farm to make it a real life experience as an animal communicator.

Special 2008