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Format basic course animal communication

In this basic course you learn to concentrate on your animal. You learn to feel when you connect to the animal and you learn to distinguish between having a connection and not having one. You understand the principles of making a heart connection and you practice on each other and on each others (pictures of) animals.

By the end of the day you have gotten a lot of information from animals and your trust and self confidence in listening to your intuition has grown. There are at least two cats on which we can practice. And there is a guest teacher, a dog.

Format advanced course animal communication

In the advanced course we will deepen our tuning in on the physical parts of the animals. We start the day with a physical journey in our own body.  We will apply this to our guest teacher (a dog) to experience his physical sensations.

In the afternoon we will go on a fieldtrip. This can be a trip to the Paardenkamp in Soest to experience tuning in on the horses, well of age. A very special experience because these horses have been through so many.

We will close with an integrative meditation.

Admission only for those who have been in a basic course.

Lecture on animal communication

In the lecture we will get a glimpse in the world of animal communication. What is it and how does is benefit us? And on top of that how does it work? During the lecture you will not only get information, you will also be practising. So that you can experience what it is like to connect from the heart with the world around you.

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